How to Do a Frontside Reverse 360


In surfing, full rotations are comparatively rare. However, once performed properly, they typically leave an exclamation point on the wave. Find out how to pull off the frontside reverse 360.

Waves are ridden during a unifacial way. Surfers either go left or right a wave. however, that doesn't mean you can't perform 360 on the liquid walls.

A full rotation may be an elementary maneuver in bodyboarding. however, bodyboards don't have fins, and their bottom deck is flat and smooth that makes things abundant easier.

As a result, bodyboarders will simply spin whereas trimming the waves. With surfboards, it's a bit difficult, but far away from impossible. Why? due to the fins and also the overall form of the surfboard.

The trick is to master a subtle, however alternate and coordinated pressure between your back and front foot in order that fins and drag won't allow you to down.

The reverse 360 permits you to spin down a wave, and that they are often executed at the start or the end of a ride. Here's a way to do a frontside reverse 360:

  1. take off on a fine-looking waist-deep wave;
  2. Bottom flip, get a good amount of speed, and aim to the lip at forty-five degrees;
  3. begin rotating your upper body towards the base of the wave;
  4. As you reach the lip of the wave, transfer your weight to the front feet to free and unleash pressure over the fins;
  5. Keep rotating the body till the tail of the board starts spinning;
  6. As you are feeling the board turning, bend your front knee and obtain your leading hand within the water to assist accelerate the 360;
  7. begin to transfer your weight to the back foot, and let the fins catch back within the water and work as a pivoting axis;
  8. Adopt an occasional stance, let your front foot complete the 180-degree flip, and resume riding;

Remember to transfer a load of your body right down to the underside of the wave whereas acting the primary half of the turn.

If you struggle to initiate or complete the rotation, grab your rail to stay the board in check and let your body do the remainder.

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