"An image says more than a thousand words..."Turning Smartphones into Action Cameras


At DouDou we believe that everybody should be able to capture their best surfing moments. However, we realized that not everybody has access to action cameras, and the ones who do, don’t always like to use them. Moreover, we noticed that many old smartphones are left in the drawer and we try to bring them a new life. Therefore we created the DouDou Surf- a waterproof smartphone case that you can mount onto your surfboard allowing you to turn your smartphone into a surfing action camera.

What we love about the Dou Dou Surf iPhone Case
Incredibly easy to mount onto any surfboard, the water and shockproof DouDou Surf Case has proven not to come off even when weather and wave conditions get rough. Also operating this new 'action camera' couldn't be easier, as the DouDou protective smartphone case features a smooth touch screen which gives you direct access to all the features of your smartphone.
Using the built-in camera of your smartphone together with the wide-angle lenses on the protective casing, the DouDou Surf Case allows you to take high-quality footage of your surf session, anywhere, anytime.

Let’s have a closer look
Every DouDou Surf Kit consists of two main parts: the DouDou Surf Case for your smartphone and the Doudou Adhesive Mount to attach the case onto your surfboard.

The waterproof DouDou Surf Case features a super wide-angle lens for optimal coverage while filming or taking pictures, and a sensitive touch screen for easy access to all features and functions of your smartphone.

When properly installed, your smartphone will stay safely in place, as the DouDou Adhesive Mount was designed to withstand the impact of wipeouts, incoming waves, and rough weather conditions. The mount consists of a base mount, a smaller leash mount - attached right next to it and a floaty sponge, all three essential elements to make sure your action camera sticks to your surfboard.

The dimensions of the Doudou Surf ensure a perfect balance between sturdiness, elegance, and compactness, so it can be used by longboard, shortboard, and SUP surfers.

Does the DouDou Surf actually work? Is this case really waterproof? What do others think about it? Was the DouDou Surf tested by surfers before? The list of questions goes on and on. We knew you were about to ask, and you're absolutely right to do so too!
That's why other than performing lab-tests and doing quality checks, we sent a batch of Doudou Surf to professional and leisure surfers in Taiwan, Europe, and the USA to put the product to the test in actual surf sessions.